How to be fit and healthy losing weight?

It takes more than a diet to lose weight, especially for skinny people. There may be some people like you who may not like to eat, sleep, slouch on a couch, watch television and just keep idle most of the day to lose weight but it’s just that losing weight seems something that is not cut out for them. While others can lose weight as immediate as they started binging and being idle, you’d notice that it feels like not working out for you. So, what should you do now?
There could be many reasons why you’d want to lose weight. You are overweight, you feel like you are getting bigger even though you are not eating anything, and everything brought to your table. You are overweight, and you feel embarrassed because you’ve been teased before and still experience the same thing now. You are overweight, and you decided that this is not the body you want for yourself but something leaner and fitter.
Aside from these reasons mentioned about, you may have another basis why you would want to lose …